🎵 Writing for Bandcamp Daily, Jes Skolnik describes the music of Barcelona’s Fatamorgana by relating the genre’s of punk and techno. The minimal synth music created by a band whose members come from punk backgrounds certainly invites thought about the spare economics that can be a major component of both genres.

My friend Chris Berry’s joke about “the punk-to-techno pipeline” is something I think about a lot, as someone who used to hide in a bathroom in between the hardcore matinee show and the rave night that happened in the same space because they were underage and wanted to go to both. While they might seem like polar opposites instrumentally, they share a lot of musical history and a lot of commonality —there’s something both primal and communal about both styles, the core rhythm often being less essential than the surrounding filigree, and it’s possible to do a lot with a few resources.

The simplicity of the songs on Fatamorgana’s Terra Alta lends the record a sort of hypnotic quality. The music invokes EDM progenitors Kraftwerk while also calling to mind the feminine iciness of Ladytron.

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