Bring On The Day

An excerpt from an interview with singer/songwriter Bill Callahan about his new album, which exudes a certain comfort.

Do you consider yourself an optimist?

Every day, waking up in the morning fills me with optimism. Everything is moving along. The bugs are doing their thing. Traffic is going on. Everyone’s going to work. Everything’s working, going in one direction.

Keep in mind, Callahan has been in some pretty dark places, as even a quick examination of his older albums will show. So it’s interesting to read this response. As someone who struggles with mornings sometimes, I love the idea of waking up with this in my mind.

Two songs that sound to me like starting the day in this way:

  • “Acknowledgment” by John Coltrane from A Love Supreme
  • “Sunrise” from Grand Canyon Suite, composed by Ferde Grofé

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