It’s surprising to see that the “iLamp” version of the iMac, which hasn’t been sold for 15 years, continues to appear in new places. This version of the iMac stands out in the line of products as being the most unusual. It is the only iMac to feature most of the guts in the stand, instead of behind the display.

Outer Peace, by Toro Y Moi (2019)

I was in my second round of college when these models were starting to be phased out. They were still on the campus of NCSU, lined up in libraries and computer labs. Those rows of white and transparent screens almost floating in the air were captivating and futuristic.

Candorville by Darrin Bell (2020)

In my view, throughout its iterations, the iMac has ALWAYS been a great computer. Obviously there is something special about this particular machine that has stayed with people, though. Knowing Apple enthusiasts, there are surely a few techies who have upgraded the internal hardware and have these things running MacOS Catalina.

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