Colder and Closer

One of my favorite albums this year has been TOPS I Feel Alive. I know I’ve been down on music algorithms in the past, but this was one recommended by Apple Music in my New Music Playlist and I was instantly smitten. I think I played the title track around 100x the first couple of days after I heard it and a delivery of Coke bottle clear vinyl was not long behind that. The AM Gold vibes reached a certain part of my brain that hadn’t been activated in too long.

One of the best tracks on the record is the song “Colder and Closer,” here transformed into a danceable house track without any of the kind of shoehorning that can sometimes stand out on remixes.

If you like the remix, check out the video for the original here, but beware of the frenetic thermal lighting.

Canned Dragons by Robert Rackley
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