App Development To Give Back To Online Communities

The platform has been growing lately, and part of the growth has been through plugins and new apps. Plugins are a welcome additions to the base M.b. hosted blogging experience. They do simple but helpful things, like adding open graph and Twitter cards for rich previews of content on various platforms, site search and footnote popups. Plugins feel like a big step in the maturity of the platform and allow those with the technical savvy to extend the features of the service.

The official photo app for, Sunlit, is due to get an update soon. Sunlit offers a photo-centric view of posts on

Browsing through the Sunlit feed is very refreshing, compared to Instagram. So many more natural photos of things people are just seeing or doing. It’s so much less forced and overthought. And each post is an actual post not an ad. I need to post more myself.

Third-party apps, which are welcome on the platform, unlike other social networks, are starting to pick up steam. One of the most promising apps is a mobile, cross platform client called Gluon. While Gluon is not new, it is being rewritten from the ground up. Gluon is made by M.b. user @vincent, who spends his time on development of this app because he cares about the longevity and experience of the service.

I love the community greatly. For me it's a good place to be on the internet. I have never felt so connected with various people! You really don't get this with Twitter or, presumably, others... Manton has done such an amazing job with it and it really seems to attract the last "good" people on this planet. There are times I really think the world has gone down the drain, but then I open my feed and see lots of wonderful posts from so many people. Not to mention the utmost support from people when you're down. Here to pick you up!

Gluon is Vincent’s way of giving back to the community he loves. The client is elegant and refined. While the official client does what it says on the tin, Gluon offers an experience that feels more premium, similar to app from the likes of the Iconfactory.

Profile page from Gluon for
Profile page from Gluon for

It’s great to see the user community giving back to the ecosystem because they enjoy being a part of it and want to do something to benefit their fellow users.

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