When It Comes Down

I am an unaffiliated voter. I used to vote based on policies and candidates. In the last few years, the Grand Old Party has made decision making at voting time a lot easier. They helpfully put an R next to the people you shouldn’t vote for on the ballot.

The kinds of people this party tends to attract view politics as a game to be won, rather than a way to improve the country. When they recently pushed through their favored Supreme Court nominee, this was their response.

After they got the touchdown, they spiked the ball, did an end zone dance and left the field. Mitch closed down the Senate after they scored their points. What, you might ask, about the people who are suffering from the effects of COVID and needed the relief package that had been in the works? They were callously left in the lurch. All that mattered was the win. Even a win at the cost of breaking a rule the GOP themselves made four years ago about how Supreme Court Justices should be appointed. Victory at any cost.

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