Friday Night Video | Here's The Thing

This Friday night, those of us in the US are probably election fatigued. Let’s spend some time with a duo from the other side of the world. Egoism hail from Sydney, Australia and stand firmly in a global line of brilliant dream pop. They just dropped the On Our Minds EP today, which they affectionately refer to as their shoegaze release. Most of the tracks have more of an indie pop sound, though, with subtle hints of gauzy textures. However, my favorite track, ‘Never Leave,’ has a little of Depreciation Guild in the last minute, sounding a bit like shoegaze flirting with chiptune.

In the video for the first track off the EP, ‘Here’s The Thing,’ you get a good sense for the sound and aesthetic of Egoism. As I go through middle age, I’m sure at some point, I’ll get tired of people just out of their teenage years crooning about love and relationships. Sometimes I secretly hope that never happens, though.

🎵 Egoism - Here’s The Thing

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