Matt Poppe has been reviewing each episode of the Mandalorian for Christ and Pop Culture and he picks up on something that intrigued me in his piece about the second episode.

When Mando tells the X-Wing pilots, “May the Force be with you,” one of them replies, “And also with you.” Is that officially a thing now? I knew we (Star Wars fans) often say, “And also with you,” because it feels right for those of us with a liturgical church background. But I don’t actually remember it being an official Star Wars-y thing. Someone tweet me what you think. A quick Google search makes me think this hasn’t actually been canon until now.

When the phrase “and also with you” was used to respond to “may the force be with you” it sounded to these liturgical ears like something so right and familiar. Yet, I too found myself wondering whether that had ever been used in Star Wars before. I’m pretty sure Poppe is right, this is something new to the Mandalorian.

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