Work Drugs "Drive"

This is a bit of a return to form for the band that describe themselves as “smooth sailin'."

Work Drugs/Pictured Resort Split EP

Last week, I chose a live recording of Pictured Resort covering Craft Spells “After the Moment” for the Friday Night Video. I had also searched last week for a Bandcamp link for Work Drugs “Drive” as my lady friend and I had picked that as a standout on my playlist of new songs. I couldn’t find the track to share. However, when I went to Bandcamp to search for more tracks by Pictured Resort, I came across the split EP with Work Drugs and the lead track just happened to be “Drive.”

This song sounds like it would be perfect in a movie like Mannequin, as Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall cruise around the city streets at night in a sports car (although I believe in the movie it was a motorcycle). “Don’t @ me,” as the kids say. When a mannequin spends her existence locked in a store, and only becomes animated at night, there is a lot of life to be lived during the hours when the sun is down. The lyrics reflect wistfulness, but the song still promotes the power of relationships to break us out from the mundane.

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