I read the different reactions to Season 2 of Ted Lasso and realize that your experience of it may be dependent on the type of escapism you need in your life right at the moment. I came across a tweet thread from Mike Cosper where he reflected on his level of enjoyment of the various episodes.

Season 2 almost lost me in the first few episodes. It was too cheery, and I just kept holding on hoping it would turn around. But nothing was at stake. It was just 30 mins of everybody liking each other.

Cosper didn’t think a show with less conflict and dramatic tension was worth watching.1 I enjoyed the escape from a high-stakes life where we constantly hear that hospitals are overflowing and climate change is about to set us all ablaze to a world where a soccer team could lose their match and it wasn’t the be all end all.

  1. To be clear, there was some drama and tension. Keely and Roy, Rebecca’s mother’s divorce, Jamie returning to the team, Nate’s issues, etc. ↩︎

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