🎵 Geowulf "Saltwater"

Last week, I wrote about some musical favorites from 2021. This week, I’m posting the video from one of my favorite songs that isn’t from last year, but that I discovered last year. I think this one surfaced due to the Apple Music recommendation algorithm, which has gotten really good. I ask Siri to play a song on the diminutive but fairly powerful HomePod Mini, then, once the song is done, the device magically plays other music that I like. The hit to miss ratio is high these days, and I’m finding out about a lot of bands that sound similar to the ones I already enjoy.1 Since several music blogs that I used to follow have now become celebrity gossip sites (ahem, cough, Stereogum, Consequence), I need a sonic buddy in the form of a solid recommendation engine.

Geowulf’s “Saltwater” sticks in my brain and produces a sort of wistfulness that’s simultaneously sad and comforting. It evokes memories of trips to the beach, which have spanned the entirety of my life, and leaves me with a longing for another walk on the sand to sort through my thoughts. The image of letting saltwater wash over you “even when you’re broken,” speaks to me physically and emotionally.

Geowulf - Saltwater

  1. Mostly in the dream pop genre. ↩︎

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