🎵 Barrie "Darjeeling"

Barrie is another band that was recommended to me by the Apple Music algorithm. I immediately checked out their back catalog and noticed that they had a video for the song, "Darjeeling," that I had discovered. I was particularly drawn to the video because it is set mostly at The Crane Estate. The Crane Estate is a sprawling piece of property in Ipswich, MA, where a young Cornelius Crane (AKA, Chevy Chase) spent his childhood summers.

I went to The Crane Estate in 2018 with my son, my sister and her boyfriend. It was what I imagine some rich Roman Senator's ancient villa would look like (complete with classical busts littered throughout). The estate captivated my imagination. When I saw the video for "Darjeeling" was set there, I lit up with excited recognition. There isn't anything unique about the band's visit there. They seem like the same kind of tourists we were, taking in the grandeur of Richard Crane's vision and bringing their brand of hooky dream pop as a soundtrack.

Barrie - Darjeeling

Barrie has a new album, Barbara, coming March 25th on Winspear.

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