🎵 Yumi Zouma "In The Eyes Of Our Love"

Yumi Zouma has a new full-length, Present Tense, coming out March 18th on Polyvinyl. As is the fashion now, they are releasing singles before the album drops, and “In The Eyes Of Our Love” is the third such single from the upcoming record. For this song, Yumi Zouma ditches their normally breezy, understated yet catchy, “this band could only come from New Zealand” sound. It comes across as something more like traditional indie pop a la The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. For reference, check out the Pains “Summer Of Dreams,” a b-side from their Days Of Abandon LP, or really, many of their other tracks. Yumi Zouma calls this the introduction to the Present Tense era, so it’s evident that their change in sound is intentional.

The video takes as it’s subject three women who enter an initially locked hotel room to, I guess, party? At times fearful, at times confused and then celebratory, the women soak in the mystery of this strange hotel room. All of this could be an allegory for getting out of your comfort zone to enjoy life’s unexpected surprises, but then I may be reaching. It could be an acid trip. At any rate, enjoy the song and the video.

Yumi Zouma - In The Eyes Of Our Love

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