Ernie from Tedium has a piece on the new Asahi Linux alpha build for M1 Macs. Though I’m unkikely to try yet another Linux distro in the near future, it is interesting to see this development.

Over the weekend, something really awesome happened. An official distro of Linux came to Apple Silicon. And honestly, it’s extremely impressive, a joy to use (even if there are a whole bunch of gaps in the production, a number of to-come features that will limit its usefulness for the time being), and … honestly, everything that MacOS is not. It’s inspiring, and reflects a culture in which people are willing to try new things, and in which they succeed at trying out those new things just because there was enough public support for it.

I’m intruiged to find out what is meant by the phrase “everything MacOS is not” but the piece doesn’t really flesh that out so much as it explores the history of Linux on ARM processors.

Asahi Linux: The Individual User’s Stake in an Apple Silicon World

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