🎵 Come On Let's Go

Captured Tracks recording artist Scout Gillett covers the standout Broadcast track “Come On Let’s Go” on her newest covers EP, One To Ten. I liked the original version of this song, despite the fact that I am always feeling like I’m going to get Broadcast mixed up with Stereolab (it’s the same sixties space age bachelor pad vibe). It’s an interesting choice for for Gillett, who also covers Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry” on the EP — which sounds completely fitting for her retro country-pop feel.

Here Gillett doesn’t shed the Broadcast sound, but adds some punch to the track. There’s a noisy but slow guitar solo that heats things up. Gillett mimes playing guitar using a broom in the video. It’s obvious she’s having a lot of fun with this recording, which was originally done in September 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, for a tribute compilation to the late Broadcast singer, Trish Keenan. Since the order of the day was to stay home and stay well, any movement outside of out that space was carefully calculated. So the lyrics to the song, which go: “what’s the point in wasting time, with people you’ll never know,” really spoke to Gillett about the current state of affairs. You had to be judicious about who you spent time with and the song, written decades ago, pointed straight at that situation. Her voice sounds less coy than Keenan’s does on the song, and Gillett compensates in the video by nodding affirmatively during the chorus. As she sings “come on let’s go,” heaven help you if you aren’t at least curious to see where Gillett is going to take you.

Scout Gillett - Come On Let’s Go

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