Everything Old Is New Again For 37signals

CEO Jason Fried just announced that Basecamp, the company, not the product, which used to be called 37signals, is now going back to their original name. The post about the change is a pretty standard corporate announcement, which is unusual for Fried.

37signals makes Basecamp, 37signals makes HEY, and 37signals will make more products soon, too. We’re starting on our next one this year.

John Philpin wonders why he should care about the rename. I’m personally happy to see the change because it reflects an equal commitment to the HEY email product (which is excellent, and I love using) and to putting out new products. While I think the Basecamp app is neat, I will never be able to use it at work, whereas I have discretion to use whatever email I want personally. So, I welcome the shift to inclusion for not only HEY, but the promise of more products to come. Perhaps with the success of HEY, 37signals will continue to drive into the personal application market. That would keep those of us for whom productivity software is not just something we have to put up with at work – but something we enjoy using in our own lives – coming back to 37signals for trusted solutions.

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