🎵 I’m A Sensory Explosion

Hammock (ft. Lumenette) - I’m A Sensory Explosion

Lumenette is a new musical project from Christine Byrd (Hammock contributor and wife of musician Mark Byrd). “I’m a Sensory Explosion” is the first Hammock single to credit Lumenette as a cowriter. The song is a beautiful, elegiac exploration of opening your senses to the sometimes overwhelming weight of the natural world. The textures of the song are soothingly familiar to long-time Hammock devotees and Christine’s vocals add a traditional 4AD/shoegaze sound. The track is perhaps best listened to on a cloudy, rainy day.

This is a promising taste of what is to come from Lumenette. The new musical project will certainly bear some of the hallmarks of the Hammock sound. I’m eagerly anticipating the full album.

Lumenette’s first long-player, All Around My Head, will be released on 8/12/2022. The first proper single is due out this month, 6/17.

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