Obsidian For Brain Fog

Ira Robinson was astonished to find that using the PKM Obsidian helped with his brain fog. He has been using the program to organize his thoughts and found that it did that by clearing his brain, as well as acting as his second brain.

What I’ve noticed over the few months I’ve spent with the program is the brain fog that has been so ever-present and daunting in my life for years has faded away significantly. I still have days where I’ll notice it trickling into my awareness, of course, but it lessened the extent of the power it had over my life in radical ways. I’ve done little else to change things for myself, such as diet or exercise (certainly not that!). The only new thing has been Obsidian, and my working daily within it. It’s also helped me write better articles and stories.

Having experienced brain fog, I can’t say definitely that Obsidian helped, but it has created an environment in which to save and order my thoughts and experiences.

This Program Has Cleared My Brain Fog

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