"Silence Is Violence"

Alan Noble writes with a healthy dose of sarcasm in response to those who wonder why he hasn’t spoken up about the latest outrage on Twitter.

In recent days I have been contacted by many concerned citizens about my social media silence in the face of the Recent News. Several of you have graciously reminded me that silence is violence, which rhymes, and that is very helpful.

I first off wanted to apologize. There is no excuse for my silence. I should always be available to speak up on social media when such important issues arise. And my failure to speak is tantamount to treason or heresy or bigotry or bigamy. Maybe all of the above. You decide.

He then goes on to list all of the (very real) reasons he might not have said something about topic (x) on Twitter.

One of my biggest frustrations is the tendency of the extremely online to expect people to react to everything they consider problematic. It’s slacktavism by fiat. It does little to nothing to make the world a better place and mainly just contributes to the denigration of online conversation (there, I rhymed).

Reasons Why I Haven’t Said Anything on Twitter

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