Give To Us This Day

We recently changed our version of the Lord’s Prayer in church. Not to something radically different, but we now have a current, ecumenical version. Included are the words “save us from the time of trial.” Frankly, I was wondering why those words were left out previously. Drew Kadel examines the Lord’s Prayer in a piece on his blog Observations.

And it is in that vision of that Kingdom of God that we pray the next sentence: “Give us each day our daily bread.” Bread Nourished. Each day.  In God’s commonwealth there is enough. Enough to share, but not enough to grab and keep for ourselves. Life with Jesus is simple, it is an ordinary experience of peace. In his prayer, what we request is the basics of real life, not the fantasies of what we might want, or the violence of what we might take.

I love the last sentence in this quote. The “fantasies of what we might want” and “the violence of what we might take” feels so convicting. Can’t we all name those fantasies and the violence we would commit?

Save Us From the Time of Trial | Observations

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