We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew

This year has been rich with new music. I’ve been compiling a playlist of Now Sounds all year long, and wanted to share some with you all. The problem with doing that is that everyone is using a different music service for streaming. Well, okay, most people are using Spotify, but don’t even get me started on that company. Bandcamp is a universal service through which anyone can access streaming music and then has the option to buy that music, either through physical merchandise or digital tracks. In the fractured landscape of competing music subscription services and low-paying models for artist remuneration, Bandcamp stands out as an oasis.

Unfortunately, for those of us who want to share, Bandcamp does not have a playlist functionality, like a service such as Soundcloud. Enter BNDCMPR. BNDCMPR is such a small service that they completely eschew vowels! The interface is minimal and functionality is limited, but they do allow you to create embeds, which is the main feature that I need. I will warn you, the service is not without some obvious bugs. It’s a good way to introduce others to some of your favorite music on Bandcamp, though.

These songs have been well-loved in my house and car this year, and I hope you enjoy them enough to perhaps even buy some of the music.

Photo by Bruno Guerrero

Canned Dragons by Robert Rackley
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