Out of Band Names

A comment on a Stereogum piece about the new wave of American shoegaze:

I know I keep riding this schtick, but we really are out of band names, folks. “Ganx Crap take inspiration from the post-slo-blorpgaze of Body Wash and LilMissPiggy.geccs, without completely cresting the wave set in motion by fellow Milwaukee veterans Total Garf Nuggets and T(w)asty Past(e).”

Although hilarious, it almost sounds too exaggerated to be a decent parody. When you compare the comment against the actual contents of the article, though, it doesn’t hold up too badly.

It’s worth noting that Full Body 2 aren’t that far afield from the bitcrushed Drain Gang worshippers, Fax Gang, who are so far the best act to thread a needle between shoegaze and internet-born subgenres like digicore, plugg, and HexD.

It seems like people are getting their band and genre names from decades-old AI novelty naming tools, like when Donald Glover took the mantle of Childish Gambino from a Wu-Tang name generator.

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