As a comedian, Ginny Hogan is predisposed to some humorous hyperbole, but her thoughts on sleep capture exactly why I’m not into self-quantification.

When I’m unsure if I’m asleep or awake. This is a very pleasant sensation, until I gain just enough consciousness that I realize I’m supposed to be sleeping more deeply than I am, and my FitBit is going to remind me in the morning that I had far too much “light” sleep, not enough REM sleep. So, as if being awake didn’t already require enough willpower, being awake when a wearable device has told me I failed at doing one of the three things I’m biologically programmed to do requires is pure hell.

Worrying about our basic processes as humans seems a weight too heavy to bear easily. Why not let our body just do what it needs to do and go about our business?

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