Micro.blog Onboarding

Kevin Quirk has a review of Micro.blog, from the perspective of a new user who is onboarding to the service. He finds it very confusing.

Lots of people find Mastodon confusing when they move over from services like Twitter. I fear that if they were to move from Twitter and a managing host for their blog, Micro.Blog would make their brain melt!

I find the review to be a bit unfair. Quirk spends something like 75% of the review talking about how he didn’t want to put in his credit card to sign up for a trial and then wondering why things don’t work when he doesn’t setup an account. He disagrees with a premise of Micro.blog (that you have to use a credit card to signup - which is not that unusual) and that steers his whole outlook and experience with the service.

I’ve read people complaining about the onboarding experience with Micro.blog before, so I know that it’s not universally welcoming to everyone. However, I didn’t have problems when I initially joined shortly after the service debuted five years ago.

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