Adult Lego fans

Apparently, adult fans of Lego are getting to be a huge market. I think the stigma around older people collecting Lego has died away. Marah Eakin writes about the trend for Dwell magazine.

Indeed, Lego is all over the damn place. Sales of the blocky product, launched in its patented plastic form in 1958, jumped 17 percent in 2022, and that’s on top of the boom the brand got in previous years thanks to everyone looking for something to do during quarantine. Sales to adult fans of Lego—AFOLs if you’re in the Lego know—presumably account for a large portion of that gross income, too, especially considering that Lego claims its adult market has at the very least quadrupled over the past decade.

My boss, who is over a decade older than me, loves collecting Lego sets and has a really nice display with shadow boxes and some of his creations on his office wall. Building with Lego bricks is one of his favorite versions of therapy.

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