The Atlantic has a huge piece by Tim Alberta on what was, and still is, going wrong at CNN. The article is mostly a profile on the new head of the network, Chris Licht, and his crusade to turn around the long-time perception of bias therein. Like Alberta, I have to admit I feel some sympathy for the guy and his cause, even if some of his decisions haven’t quite worked out the way he intended.

I felt for Licht. Having spent long stretches of the past year in conversation with him as he attempted to build “the new CNN,” I often found myself agreeing with his principles of journalism. Some media figures had trashed Licht for hosting the town hall in the first place, arguing that nothing good could come from “platforming” a man who’d tried to sabotage the peaceful transition of power. Licht disagreed—and so did I. Trump was the runaway favorite for the GOP nomination and a decent bet to occupy the White House in two years. The media had every obligation to scrutinize him, interview him, and, yes, platform him.

Hopefully there is still time for Licht to learn from his mistakes and steer the ship in the right direction.

Source: Inside the Meltdown at CNN

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