Annie Lowrey speculates about whether crypto is truly dead in most senses.

What is the point of doing all of this, anyway? Boosters have for years described crypto as a revolutionary technology—disempowering central banks, empowering private individuals, and perhaps even ushering in an era of world peace. But revolutionary for whom and in what way? That’s hard to say. Most crypto users are just making speculative bets; most crypto firms are just making or facilitating speculative bets themselves. Crypto is a casino, for the most part, and one without the free drinks.

To checkout the capabilities of the Brave browser and its wallet feature, I invested $50 in crypto. I was skeptical at the time, but wanted to explore things with a sum I could afford to lose, if it came to that. I bought some ethereum. I’ve done nothing with it.1 I’m kind of ashamed, TBH.

  1. Not even check to see if it’s now worthless. ↩︎

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