It’s a wild World Wide Web out there and things seem like they are only going to get more chaotic before they settle down. Manuel Moreale writes about this period of disruption on his blog.

The web is going through a weird phase. Twitter is allegedly DDoS-ing itself. Reddit is at war with its users and destroying communities in the process. Google search is spiraling down with results that are more and more useless. Amazon is a landfill full of crappy counterfeit products.

To make things worse, it looks like money are no longer growing on trees and many, many companies are now facing the wild reality that if you run a business, you should, hopefully, at some point, make more money than you’re spending o run your business. Crazy stuff, I know. Who would have thought.

Moreale is ultimately hopeful, though, because people can still have their own little corners of the web. I’m doubling down on those little corners. I’m still on, still using both Blot and a self-hosted Ghost site. I just joined a little indie music sharing service called Album Whale, which I’m enjoying.

Stay small, Ponyboy.

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