Hold by Wild Nothing

Hold by Wild Nothing


Wild Nothing

The new Wild Nothing track “Headlights On” is another progression for the band — this time from the early-to-mid 80s to the sounds from later in the decade. The video for the song even features a dancing Jack Tatum that doesn’t look too different from Rick Astley in style or in substance. The sound is massive, which is no accident, as Tatum professes his love for Kate Bush and Genesis.

I have to admit to having mixed feeling about the track. On the one hand, I've listened to it on repeat since it came out. On the other hand, despite Tatum talking about being changed by the birth of his first child, the song still contains some prominent f-bombs. It reminds me of when Stephen Malkmus was interviewed about his new record and he was talking about the beauty of having an infant daughter. The interviewer sarcastically pointed out that "Leather McWhip" was a song title that really screamed miracle of life. Ah, fatherhood.

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