Matt Birchler writes about the technologies (such as RSS and even Mastodon) that have edges.

In a world where we all struggle with how much we use our devices (let’s be real, we mean our phones), I think it’s kinda nice to have some places that just give up and tell us, “my dude, you’ve read it all, go do something else.”

I like newsletters and RSS feeds because you can get to the end. As much as I sometimes wish there was more to consume, I know it’s healthy to have limits. I have even noticed this to be the case for music. Occasionally I stay up far too late because of the all-you-can-eat endless buffet of streaming audio. It’s can be nice to listen to my CDs and have to attend to one album at a time — and not to be able to chase track after track until my body and brain give out.

Source: Let the internet run out

Bonus points for reading the take from Greg Morris on the subject.

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