iMac Drives and Folders

iMac 25th Anniversary Edition Icons

The Icon Factory celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iMac by creating folder and drive icons to match those original groundbreaking computers. I always wanted a Bondi blue iMac, but they came out before I could afford such a machine. I’ll have to settle for drives and folders that remind me of those units.

These icons got their start back in July when Talos Tsui bought some plastic plates in translucent colors. While the Bondi Blue colorway was all sold out, the fond memories were still available. After redrawing the original macOS hard drive icon, which wasn’t high enough resolution for today’s needs, Talos wrapped it in the colors of the original iMacs. And when going over-the-top isn’t enough, he decided to make icons that are an exact match of the current macOS folders!

In the post about the icons, they also remind us how much more difficult it has become to customize your machine (which always makes me sad). I miss the days of being able to replace your dock with a mod some minor design genius created or show your music with a pleasantly skeuomorphic skin for Bowtie. Although I love the design guidelines of MacOS, not allowing for customization and apps like CandyBar flattens everything out.

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