I’ve very nearly decided that Ghost is more than I need from a blogging platform (not to mention that I’m quite happy with Micro.blog for my primary blogging). I do like the new Ghost recommendation engine, though.

The dirty secret about Recommendations, though, is that most platforms have designed them primarily to boost their own growth. You can’t recommend anything you like, you can only recommend other people who use their product.

We wanted to give publishers the ability to benefit from cross promotion without limits or hidden incentives, so we decided to do things differently. We built a full Recommendations system for Ghost that’s compatible with any platform, website, or publisher out there — so you can recommend whoever you like.

Its open nature makes the new feature attractive, but it’s also useful for developing a sort of virtuous circle of promotion. Give your friends a boost, and hopefully, they will do the same for you. Open to the whole web with no walls.

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