🎵 Terminal

Ever since she showed up in the band TOPS, I’ve thought Marta Cikojevic looked like a 70’s icon. Had she been alive at the time, she could have played Kristen Shepard of “Who Shot J.R.?” fame on Dallas. If that didn’t work out, she might have been one of Charley’s Angels. So it was no surprise when Cikojevic unleashed a solo project under the name Marci and it sounded like a record that would have been in rotation at Studio 54.

This track hooks you in a disco groove and doesn’t let go. TOPS bandmate David Carriere co-wrote the songs on the record originally on Rhodes and bass. It’s evident in “Terminal,” as the bass is the standout instrument and second only to the vocals. The sensual vocals paired with the come hither looks in the video are blushworthy.

Marci - Terminal

The first full-length from Marci will be self-titled and is due out this summer on Arbutus.

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